Tuesday, April 10, 2007

hoy decimos basta

to jelly bellies, to late night snackery, to generalized laziness, to all bad (but not all naughty) things. a real manifesto for the end of the semester is coming soon. i just don't have the ganas to do it now.

so i just killed the bag of jelly bellies the p's sent me for easter. hopefully, that will be the end of the nightly jelly belly orgy i've been having. really, i paid no heed to the number of bellies i shoved in my mouth or to the specific taste combo. it was just total artificial fruit flavored sluttery over here. i have a real problem with any sort of gummy fruity soury concoction. and it has to stop.

esp if i'm going to be in a bikini in 9 days (!). i'll apologize, in advance, to anyone who may be working at, visiting, or even just driving by el gran papagayo (el papagayo royal?) resort and spa next week. maybe i can get it together in the next few days. oh well, no one to impress in costa rica.

in book news, i give a general thumbs up to maryse conde's who slashed celanire's throat? totally kept me reading and you *know* i'm into any novel that has representations of hell, the devil or the underworld. and this one has a beautiful caribbean woman who may or may not be possessed by demons b/c she was a human sacrifice gone bad. also featuring giant black dogs that slash people to death, mysterious deaths by bat wounds, a water siren, a nun named antonine, and a collective narrative strategy reminiscent of faulkner's 'a rose for emily.' also lesbians. and brief prison sex.

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