Friday, April 27, 2007

even the sap in the trees moves nasty

thankfully, that brief but violent attack on my emotions is all but dealt with. apparently my turn around time on hurt feelings is like 48 hrs. cheers to being old enough to have a decent hold on myself, to being old enough to rightly trust my instincts.

i have zero cheers, though, for turning 31. which i just did 25 minutes ago. fuck getting older; it's retarded. i always thought i'd age gracefully like my mother. turns out i'm way more vain than my near-saint mums. i guess i should have seen it coming. i mean, sarah's nickname for me in college was 'vain bitch' there for a while. so i put the first dollar in the 'i look like someone punched me in the face' jar. we'll see what the men in white coats can do for me in 5 years.

until then i suppose i'll just have to be glad that my life is pretty much the way i want it. sure, i'd like to have some money left at the end of the month, more control over what i teach, fewer dark circles under my eyes and a light blue vespa. but i have the sweetest sleepiest bulldog, real friends who i love and miss, a sick awesome family and the first relationship in my entire life where i don't have one foot out the door.

i also have three papers to finish before i can be officially done with coursework. so i'm gonna get on that.

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