Wednesday, April 4, 2007

bad, weather, bad

cold today. and there were those snow bits that aren't actually snow. which is totally baloney cuz it's supposed to spring now. so i graded 18 papers in two hrs this morning and broke my brain in half. the rest of the day has been, well, i don't really remember.

i can't possibly come up with good things to say right now, so i'll turn to patrick chamoiseau whose novel texaco i nearly finished for caribbean lit class last night. it's sort of slow going but really beautiful if you read it out loud. there are a ton of echoes though--like gabriel garcia marquez and ben okri (read famished road!) off the top of my head and the book jacket says rabelais but i can't tell if that person actually read the book or just happened to notice that the narrator reads rabelais. but i won't hate b/c i couldn't finish the damn thing either. anyway....

'i felt my heart go voom-pow for him.'

'i sowed sweetness into each of his pores, i sucked his soul, i licked his life. i forced myself to melt us into each other, to give him anchor. my papaya turned into an octopus to suck him up and hold him there. it turned into apple and pear and small gilt cage, into arroz-con-pollo, into sweet liqueur on which to suck, into 120 proof tafia, temple of still drunkennes, into white-madou to be caught drop by drop with a stretched tongue, turned dangerous like the datura flower which paralyzes the legs...' (357)

seriously, arroz con pollo. that's brilliant. book also featured a character named ti-cirique which i might name a cat or a child if, perchance, i ever end up with either.

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