Monday, April 9, 2007

back to work

had a lovely time in second city with sarah. we all went to kafka and bought wine and went to french vietnamese at viet bistro for dinner. it's just so effing nice to be in a proper city with stylish places and bars and things to do. makes me wonder how fast i can wind up this whole grad school thing. anyway, we drank lots of wine and then slept in and sarah and matt made us a huge brunch which was awesome. i brought my camera but totally forgot to take pics. of course. matt took lots of beckett photos on his camera phone tho and sent them out to a bunch of people who probably didn't care. but he called her the easter bulldog so maybe they thought that was funny?

anyway, i miss seeing sarah regularly. she makes me smile and laugh and feel normal and happy. which puts in greater relief the fact that grad school makes me feel not normal and not happy. somehow i feel that california is the solution. that, and summertime cuz david and i plan on making lots more chicago trips when this 'classes' business stops being a problem.

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