Tuesday, March 13, 2007

well just quickly

because i heard a champagne bottle pop, az is the fab. my father currently looks like a throwback to the civil war with a sort of long, greying goatee. my mother has, apparently, been cooking for three days from the looks of things. i have weird ass but entertaining and lovely relatives that are alternatingly dry and over-perky.

so today i bought some prezzies for little brothers birthday. i hope he likes them as much as i do (cuz apparently i'm in love with my own personal taste). i worked out to bet (been missing that. ciara? how aweome is she? so awesome. i didn't even know). and i discovered that i'm absolutely fucking in love with everything anthropologie has stocked for summer. i covet. I want. and i love to want.

now i want champagne and carrot cake. diiiiiiiiiiiiiig it.

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