Friday, March 9, 2007


so i'm writing my dissertation on iris murdoch. it feels so nice to have that set. now i just have to pass my prelims, defend my proposal and write the damn thing. baby steps. anyone with some theory to recommend on materiality, sensuality, collections of objects or food should email me or send me something via myspace.

and i'm officially on spring break! even though i have a stack of papers to grade and two papers of my own to write, it's still vacation. i mean, i can grade in bed, in my pajamas with a cup of coffee and my dog. beats the shit out of going to campus. plus, i get to visit the p's in arizona. which means i'll come back pickled and toting an extra five pounds on my ass. hopefully also with some new clothes and a decent haircut.

tonight david and i are gonna go see 300 and tomorrow night we're going somewhere nice for dinner. and it's getting warmer so i think we're going to go running at celery bog too. since i've been moody and depressed for, like, two months now this pleasant springy vibe is just the most.

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