Thursday, March 15, 2007


i spent the greater part of today in the er for a migraine. i haven't had one this bad since i was i was twelve and i kept trying to read and the words wouldn't come out right. today i kept forgetting words and my arms were tingling and my lips were tingling and i thought i was having a stroke. but my mom took me to the emergency room and they gave me a big painkiller shot in my ass and now all is pretty much better. i still have headache but i remember what i had for breakfast and shit.

the doctor said that when some people start to get migraines, blood vessels constrict and parts of yr brain don't get enough blood and that's when the freaky neurological stuff starts happening. but then yr blood vessels expand, you get yr full on headache and you remember how to say that you had a balance bar and some saltines for breakfast.

i just want david and beckett and some semi-retarded romantic comedy to stare at. i'm glad for my mom tho. she makes everything better. and hopefully the headache will be gone by tomorrow and i can go get some fun summer dresses at anthro.

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