Sunday, March 11, 2007

quiet apartment

the david took off today so my place is all quiet and sad. or maybe it's just me that's quiet and sad. so today i ran errands and cleaned in prep for leaving--even tho i was exceedingly hung over from last night's dinner out and drink-fest 2007. and i woke up to no coffee in the house which sucked major ass. grilled cheese and soup held me until i could get to espresso royale tho.

so now i'm sorta detoxing with gigantic bottles of pellegrino and evian and engaging in my new favorite pastime--reading hookers on stilts archives and sending the funniest ones to david via email.

i got new passport pix today. why didn't anyone tell me i need to wear more makeup and that i'm starting to look hella old? bad friends. anyway, NOT flattering. not flattering at all. in my defense, they really do get all up in there with the digital cam and, contrary to what kinko's says, the androgynous person wearing the herman highpants khakis does not let you pick the best picture. but, whatver, i'm going to costa rica. if i look like someone punched me in the face and then wouldn't let me sleep for a week while i'm in costa rica, fuck it.

i'm excited to see the p's and chill out by their pool. i am so totally not excited at all to spend the week without pretty baby and without beckett. how am i supposed to fall asleep if i'm not sort of smashed between the warm boyfriend and the snoring bulldog? plus the bed at my parents' place is a double with a hard mattress and i have to leave my magic pillow behind.

alright, enough complaining. i'm gonna go break my detox by taking a couple benedryl, eating some ice cream with magic shell, and watching bourne identity.

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