Friday, March 23, 2007

on the mend

i can stand up in the shower now instead of propping myself against one tile wall. i've been eating now for almost three days. and i'm actually excited to get back to researching a paper that's due monday. so things are getting back to normal after extreme body freak out 2007. just in time for jess and steve's martini and jazz party tonight! i'm so excited. i haven't had a drink in a week, so a martini sounds just abt perfect to me right now. i get to dress up and look like a human being again! the big question is, do i curl my hair and wear the new turquoise shirt from coquette or do i straighten my hair and wear my brown chiffon top with the silver sequins i bought with aev in chicago?

even though it's rainy here today, spring is definitely in effect. there's grass poking up everywhere and i can see the beginnings of irises, tulips and calla lilies when i walk beckett. as good ole bahktin (or b-teen, in rssl-speak) says "everything that is good grows: it grows in all respects and in all directions, it cannot help growing because growth is inherent in its very nature." and growth is just in the air right now. i'm just dying to feel better and get out and do things and be different and try different. in all directions.

and just to toss this out into the universe: thanks to julio who used to live in my apartment. now i get huge, pretty sak's catalogues to look at. julio, you have killer taste. kiss kiss!

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jen said...

oops, i meant 'bakhtin.' siiigh. i'll never be a real academic.