Wednesday, March 28, 2007

oh, weekend. hurry up.

i finished the papers i had to make up this week and now my brain is completely mushed up. hopefully not beyond repair but i think it's too early to tell.

we watched demille's 10 commandments in moses n' modernism class tonight and, wow, really kinda awful. three hrs thirty nine minutes of charleton heston is just way more than anyone might need. all the actors were a sort of weird bronzey color and they didn't look at each other when they talked and i swear, the same woman played moses' mother and nefertiri, his love interest. way confusing. i won't even start in on when god (played by a giant ball of fire) shot out weird fire fingers to write out the 10 commandments. but i *will* say i would have like to be invited to the crazy drinking golden calf fete there at the end. that looked pretty rad.

now i think if i don't fall asleep asap i might get legally brain dead over night and end up a total zombie. which reminds me of a time when my little cousin reece was over at my parent's old house, playing in the backyard holding onto his business and i said, 'hey reece, gotta pee?' and he said, 'i don't have to pee, i'm a zombie' in his really cute, too deep and monotone kid voice.

well, on that note, ciao.

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