Friday, March 2, 2007

oh my god, i've done nothing all night except read tons of old Hookers on Stilts posts from like two years ago and now all i feel like doing is eating a bunch of candy and asking my boyfriend to quit writing papers and pay me some attention.

in more concretely fun news: i'm going to costa rica in april! my fabulous best friend/sister (well, techinically she's my best friend but we met when we were 1.5 and were practically raised together so 'sister' it is) is busy rocking the house with her software sales skills and won a trip to costa rica with all the other sales rock stars. and i get to go! for free! and free hotel also. yay yay yay. and you better believe that i'm gonna be the most fun jen ever invented. like, so much fun, you wouldn't even be able to handle the fun.

and next week i get to go visit the p's for spring break. i love arizona for all its deserty, spiky planted dusty charm. it's no norcal but you gotta love the fam. and not just for the food and booze.

also gotta say a GIGANTIC yay for little brother who is currently getting the big karmic payout. wish i were in sf to help celebrate.

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