Sunday, March 25, 2007

i can't stop thinking abt waffles. i'm serious. i'm totally obsessed with kashi waffles, light mrs. butterworth's and land o' lakes light butter. and it's only a grand total of 6 pts! i could be a walking advertisement for both kashi products *and* weight watchers, but let's save that for another post.

i spent last night writing papers and i'm still writing papers. feh. that's what i get for getting food poisoning or whatevs. but friday night was lovelyfunlovely so i'm okay with the mandatory working weekend. plus, d and i did take breaks to watch some weird early 90s movie with isabella rosselini and anthony hopkins based on a mcewan novel and eat ice cream with magic shell.

so, back to friday, if it was jess or steven's brilliant idea to have live jazz at their party, i don't know. but it was all grown up and awesome. i drank waaaaay too many martinis and decided on the curly hair and turquoise shirt combo. a good decision, i think. talked to a bunch of people i don't see that often and a bunch of people i see but don't really talk to. i also spilled both a dirty martini and then some apple martini on myself in the process. but just a little bit and i checked today and my shirt looks fine. so we're cool. then jess ordered pizza at like 3 in the morning so, clearly, it was smart to stay until 4:30 or whatever and continue drinking martinis. oh, i actually think i had a couple of beers with that pizza, now that i think abt it. no wonder i felt like shit until, like, 4pm yesterday.

today, david and i played tennis and fooled around a few times and started watching 'foul play' with 70s goldie hawn and 70s chevy chase set in 70s san francisco. now if i could just finish this god damned edeet ravel paper, we could finish the movie and probably fit in one more make out sesh before bed. wish me luck.

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