Tuesday, March 6, 2007

the forms and light

"California is just beyond the world" --w.e.b. dubois

i'm so homesick for california and my peeps right now i can't take it! it must be the cold and drear of a small indiana town that's getting to me. and probably the fact that i'm on my last semester of coursework too. i've got the itches to get out of school and get to the beach big time. or get to the mission, to noe, to the panhandle, to soma, to pac heights, to tommy's on geary for margaritas. to hotel biron for a huge glass of wine. oh to club waziema for ethiopian food and a cold sierra nevada! and ti couz for a tomato and mushroom crepe. seriously, you don't understand these crepes. man, i'm turning into a fat girl. i gotta ease up on the food daydreaming.

i'm craving san diego too. the san diego of right after college when all i did was answer phones for that electrical supply company in otay mesa and we'd go drown ourselves in jameson at the ould sod on wednesdays. i had crushes on all the coffee boys at zanzibar in pacific beach. we practically lived at nunu's in hillcrest, at la posta and bronx pizza at 3am. the live wire. the red fox. the casbah.

but there was that rotted love that haunted me. and then there was university of chicago with its complete and total insanity making. so no nostalgia. like thomas mann,
"if you think of the forms and light of other days it is without regret."

i just miss my girlfriends, the complete unwinterness of winter, the places to go, the ocean.

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