Saturday, March 3, 2007

the fab

happy 34th anniversary parents. just unequivocally, my mother is the kindest person in the world. when i was younger she was too self-sacrificing but now she's exactly herself: perfectly loving and shit-giving at the same time. my father is equally unequaled. who else throws pancakes at yr car when you're trying to drive away from the house or starts indoor water fights on school nights? don't splash the pictures with the hose, my mom yells! who else sings silly songs abt being able to do whatever you want to? you know you know that song, backman family friends. i probably sang it to you in college.

some of my favorite memories are when they would go out on their seldom dates and then come home late after whatever babysitter put me to bed. my mom would come in and sit on the edge of my bed and tell me exactly what they did and exactly what they had for their fancy dinner and what they talked abt and what they saw. i couldn't wait to be grown up and have dates and cocktails and romance. i hated being a kid. being an adult may, indeed, suck occasional ass but it beats the shit out of being a kid as far as i'm concerned. i never felt the happy free-wheeling kid shit they tell you you feel in movies and whatever. homework in 2nd grade was as stressful to me as taxes and prelim reading lists are for me now. i have eternally taken things too seriously. but my parents are the fab.

so david and i went to mia's birthday party tonight and it was lovely. i brought two bottles of wine and drank one of them by myself. that's relatively appropriate, right? i also made her a mix cd and tied it with shiny curly pink ribbon so that for sure makes up for drinking up half the shit i brought, non? we all ate spinach dip and artichoke dip and that kind of birthday cake with the insanely sweet sugary icing that says 'happy bithday mia' in pink and just tastes like happiness and innocence if happiness and innocence were a taste. and smoked cigarettes and watched spaceballs.

that is a happy fucking saturday night for me, my dears.

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