Friday, March 2, 2007

as much as i love my new apartment, i'm really struggling in the bedroom decor department. the bedroom is upstairs, oddly shaped and has these crazy asymmetical bars on the right side. see: right. i've hung up some of my stuff, i have a rad new bookcase and my desk is all awesomely from the 30s (cheers to auntie's good taste)...i just can't make anything cohere.
and i'm committed to the idea that i want my bedroom to be magic. the way that things on are magic, the way that gabriel garcia marquez is magic, the way lorena seems to make normal everyday things magic. all i seem to have are some droopy firefly lights and too many empty pellegrino bottles.

and here are some more things that don't make any sense-- my lonely chest of drawers, jewelry, perfume and robe that used to somehow belong together in my old aparment and my little chair and rice paper lamp. feh! nothing works!

so what to do? not worry abt it and do my work, you say? well, fine. that's what i've been doing and i don't like it. i wish i could paint the walls, find awesome chandelier sales and get both the absinthe fairy and sophia coppola over for champagne and interior design.

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