Saturday, February 17, 2007

Le Hangover

Oh those MFAs are a good time. But every time we run into them at the Knickerbocker, I wake up in tremendous pain the next day. Blech. I woke up, though, with that sense of tremendous possibility and the feeling that I just never have enough time to get to everything I want to. We did manage to get to Borders today where I picked up the new Domino mag (sucked, avoid it) and the BUST with Gwen Stefani on the cover.

Then we drove to Indy to spend some time with Trader Joe. I gotta say, I love grocery shopping--to an almost poetic level when I'm hungover. That sort of spacey, hazey feeling and the insatiable hangover hunger really create a sublime grocery experience. Plus, I let myself have whatever I want when I go there. Being in the middle of nowhere, a girl has to give herself luxuries where she can find them. So I bought papardelle and ingredients for a lemon parmesan pasta, soba noodles and mushrooms, fresh ginger and green onions for a sort of detox noodle soup. Then five bottles of cheap and fun looking wine, dolmas, and some kind of loopy frozen gnocchi situation which will probably only be disappointing but whatever (ps--I've made myself a promise that, where possible, I will completely avoid using the drooping, sagging 'whatevs,' 'totes,' and 'obvs.' I appreicate these little words when I see them elsewhere but they make me feel like a blog poser).

So now I'm going to drink a ton of Pellegrino and read some Edeet Ravel and Jean Toomer.

Then we're watching Marie Antoinette which I think calls for some kind of intricate confection.

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