Saturday, February 24, 2007

Been Readin

one of these days i'll get original. but i'm getting a cold and it has been a weekend of nyquil and wine. but b/c of the nyquil and wine, i'm excited abt everything. i want to write i want to read i want to be done with classes and finally get to write what i want to write. except for right now i guess that means playing stenographer (amanuensis?) to other, more clever (self-actuated?) people.

anyway, i loooooove bust magazine. as long as they don't tell me to save my menstrual blood and make some diy art installation out of it (which i'm always sort of convinced they might do). but this month, thurston moore says of kim gordon:

"pretty much it was unspoken. i remember those days; we would walk all over downtown new york together. we'd get up in the morning--we didn't really have much money at all--we'd find something cheap to eat and walk all over, 'cause we just wanted to be together and there was nothing else to do except for hold hands and walk."

and there's a real valentine's day post for you.

plus this from tillie olsen's yonnondio--in a completely different vein (tho i'm sure one could do some kind of freudian thing on me):

(oh and i should say ahead of time that this syntax *totally* reminds me of my brother's writing):

"clawing dinning jutting gnashing noises, so overweening that only at scream pitch can the human voice be heard. heat of hell year round, for low on their heads from the lowering ceiling, the plants' steam machinery. incessant slobber down of its oil and scalding water onto their rubber caps, into their rubber galoshes...spurting steam geysers. slippery uncertain footing on the slimy platform. treacherous sudden torrents swirling (the strong hose trying to wash down the blood, the oil, the offal, the slime)."

yeah, when "slobber down" is your verb, you are the writer for me. and you should totally read it out loud to really get how good all her words are together.

i can't get over words. they are my first love, my passion before passion.

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